One of Those Lives — Let It All Out

This week’s been such a chaos. I bet your’s could top mine, but we can always get into the details of whose week was worse than the other’s in the comments section. Go ahead! I actually do want to hear about it. In fact, I believe we often tend to give the best advice to others and never manage to follow through on them ourselves. So maybe I can be of some help to you. Or not. Maybe you can advise me on how to reduce my level of procrastination and get cracking on those assignments that are piling up on my desk. I really should be getting on with them. Alas! Tomorrow’s a brand new day.

Either way, this post is all about venting. And, I’m all ears. Let’s chat, shall we?

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  1. Shimeng Li · March 14, 2015

    Well, my procrastination is based on an hypothesis that like “I could finish this work after I watched some series or I had a nap”.And I also expect a fair good result at the beginning. So I start to procrastinate. When I feel time is not enough, I may lower my expectation on result to the bottom. In the end, when I finish my work just before DDL, I will wish a surprise result and feel a kind of pleasure from releasing the pressure. These surprise and pleasure motivate me again and again. So I repeat to procrastinate.—-written in a procrastination status

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    • loudpublicist · March 14, 2015

      That’s pretty much what I do. Every single time. Even on the day before the submission I will have watched at least 3 episodes. Sometimes more. And, weirdly enough I always find the most interesting things to watch right before a submission or an exam.


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