The day I lost her.


We don’t talk much anymore. At least not the way we would.

I don’t get you, and neither do you me.

I suspect, it was our prides.

I never reached out, but neither did you.

We stopped caring. Or did we?

I lost you to him, to them.

I lost me to the darkness.

I was angry about the way we ended, even though we never really did.

We should’ve tried harder. I thought I did. Or maybe I should’ve.

I wasn’t there for you, when you ended things with him.

I didn’t think it was my place to intrude, since I wasn’t there from the beginning.

I always thought you were settling for less and I kept quiet.

We’re both being petty.

I know I am, but where are you? Do you not care at all?

I’m sorry I have no song to dedicate this time around.

I guess this really means the end of us.

We got nothing in common anymore.


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